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Nuwara Eilya, Sri Lanka

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Paris The City of Love

Paris is called the City of Light, and is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Here you'll find the world's center of culture, art, fashion and cuisine. See the famous vacation sights in Paris that inspired great literature, painters of genius, stunning architecture and parks. Breathtaking beauty is everywhere you look.


Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji, Japan See for yourself.

A sacred destination. It is the highest mountain in Japan, rising to 12,388 feet and the single most popular tourist site in Japan, for both Japanese and foreign tourists. It is the holiest of Japan's "Three Holy Mountains". Every summer, thousands of pilgrims and tourists climb to the summit, many of them hiking throughout the night to witness the sunrise from the summit.

Rome The Enternal City

Rome (Roma), the eternal city, is literally eternal. Rome is a city that will keep you busy and entertained at all times. For those who are interested in art, music, history, and religion, there are few cities in the world that offer more. You could spend a year in Rome and not see everything, but there are some sights you don't want to miss.




Because of its very long history of settlement, Seoul is home to a number of historic sites and monuments. There are many temples, historical sites and palaces around South Korea which are popular with tourists wanting to learn more about the country's history, religion and culture.

St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia

St. Basil’s Cathedral

St Basil’s Cathedral’s full title is the Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat. The church was bulit between 1555 and 1561. Ivan the Terrible commissioned the building of the cathedral to commemorate the capture of the Tartar stronghold of Kazan.



London is marked by its history. For almost all of it, the key factor was the bridge(s) across the Thames. First built by the Romans, it made London a trade centre and a sea port. Built in 1894, the Tower Bridge now serves as a symbol for London.